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Experience NeroEx technology, which enables an order execution that starts from 1ms.

FCA regulated

Price Markets is a regulated forex and CFDs broker, duly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), with a firm registration number of 725804.

Safe trading

Price Markets is authorised and regulated by the FCA. As such, Price Markets is subject to the FCA’s client money rules as to the handling of the funds belonging to its clients. In the event of a shortfall, our clients may be entitled to compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Most types of investment businesses are covered up to a maximum of £85,000 claim.


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Fast opening and closing of orders, zero-points spreads are possible due to our NeroEx technology. Our proven trading conditions provide you the possibility to put in place complex trading strategies and systems.

Global Market Company

Price Markets is an international company which provides access to Forex and CFD markets trading on a global scale. To this effect we have created NeroEx – our outstanding and advanced solution which is proprietary and uses cutting edge technology to its users enabling them to enjoy a premium service. The liquidity aggregation technology we have developed allows to provide to our clients quotes from a wide range of liquidity providers.

Why Invest in Price Markets?

We regularly implement new innovative technical solutions, that allow our clients to use the most technical intensive and complex trading strategies. Our specialists are constantly improving the platform’s trading conditions allowing our solutions to be one of the leading experiences in the market. Prime example of our solution is the optimization of our technology which has allowed us to reduce the slippage of total orders down to a mere 9%.


unique technology

NeroEx is an exclusive and proprietary technology developed by Price Markets to optimize the tools available to our traders. Aggregation of quotes from a large number of liquidity providers allows our clients to trade at one of the highest available level of liquidity in the market.



Our core principles are honesty and transparency which facilitate our strong and positive cooperation with our clients, so our trading conditions are simple and clear. The amounts of trading commissions are fixed and clearly stated in the contract. We remain transparent and compliant in ensuring that, you are always able to accurately calculate the amount of all existing commissions in full transparency. In case of any difficulties, our specialists will be happy to provide you all possible help and elaborate on the costs



With Price Markets, you can use a large scope of trading instruments. Trade Forex currency pairs, CFD contracts for stock indexes and various commodities. As we receive quotes from a large number of liquidity providers, we can offer the spread value at very competitive levels next to the minimum. And the liquidity of the trading instruments offered by Price Markets allows clients to use a wide range of trading strategies and systems when working on our platform.

safety first

Any operations with client’s’ funds require the utmost protection and security. Price Markets, clearly understands the importance of clients’ funds safety, thus all financial transactions are made exclusively via bank transfer. When working with Price Markets, you can be certain that your capital will adhere to the strictest CASS and client funds’ safekeeping rules.


High Frequency Trading is possible with Price Markets.
We ensure that our commission structure is not compromising your profit potential.


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