About PriceMarkets

Price Markets is presented on the market as a provider of access to Forex and CFD
contracts trading since 2013. All our activities and operations are regulated by the FCA
license and meet all the requirements of the financial regulator.

UK based broker 

When trading with PriceMarkets, you will be fully confident in the legality of your activities and the safety of your financial investments. All financial transactions between the client and the company are made via Bank transfers.

We regularly implement new innovative technical solutions, that allow our clients to use the most technical infrastructure intensitive trading strategies. Our specialists constantly work on improving of trading conditions, thus our solutions are some of the top-level on the market.

Our company specializes in providing the best trading conditions to clients who use scalping strategies and HFT trading. By aggregating quotes from the largest liquidity providers, we offer one of the highest liquidity levels for the financial instruments on the market.

Price Markets already works on the market of Forex and CFD trading for many years.
Our main principles are:
  • 100% transparency
  • individual approach to the needs of each client
  • constant service quality improvement
  • constant technical infrastructure improvement
We, as a broker, are really proud of our services quality. In 2014-2015 we received several awards for our achievements:
In 2014, Price Markets was recognized as the best Prime broker by International Finance Magazine. When evaluating the company, such indicators like the amount of net profit, market share, and contribution to the development of the industry were took into account. Journalists highlighted the PM's own developments, the outstanding level of liquidity provided to clients, and a lots of technical solutions that simplify the creation of trading systems of any complexity.
In 2015, Price Markets was recognized by FXWeek as the best company in the nomination “Best off-bank liquidity provider”. Price Markets won due to the high evaluation of the provided trading conditions. The level of liquidity available to PriceMarkets clients was the highest one.

client oriented

We recognize and fight for each of our client, paying attention to Your needs, and trying to make work with us as convenient and profitable as possible!

If you are still thinking about starting your career as a Forex broker, it’s time to take a positive decision and get started!