White Label

Trade contracts for difference (CFDs) and access thousands of products with competitive spreads. Trade CFDs on forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, shares and treasuries.

Our traders get the best trading conditions:


the highest liquidity level for the preferred financial instruments


instant execution of trading orders


the ability to use the familiar MetaTrader 4 trading terminal

When trading with Price Markets You can use any strategy of scalping and HFT trading. We have no limits or any restrictions on the trading strategies used.

For clients who want to establish their own broker companies, we provide the opportunity to work on White Label. You will get the possibility to work on behalf of Price Markets, offering customers truly profitable trading conditions.

At the same time, you do not have to solve multiple technical and organizational issues, in fact, you get a ready-made working business and just offer it to Your personal clients. In full compliance with the global concept of White Label, our potential partners will not charge any expenses for the development of technologies and infrastructure.

You receive a fully ready-to-use and working solution. You will only need to focus on advertising and promotion, for which you can successfully use for example the entire powerful resource of social media.

It’s very important to highlight that when using the White label program, the trader, distributing our broker services will be not obligated by any royalties or fees. And anyways we are always ready to take part in any discussion, if case of need some.

This type of business is a great chance for people who are familiar with the financial markets trading industry – former and practicing traders, and investors.

The establishment of a broker business from the very beginning is a really complex process and is referred with a large number of issues. To be successful and competitive broker in the world of trading on the financial markets, it is necessary to create a unique product interesting and profitable to a potential client.

Traders operating on the Forex market have increasingly high demands to the level of trading conditions provided by brokers.

Over the past few years, the main requirements of traders are:
  • The maximum possible level of liquidity of financial instruments offered by brokers;
  • The maximum quick time of trading orders execution;
  • The only possibility to meet such requirements is to develop and implement non-standard technical solutions, which can be created only with significant investments. This means that in most cases, the establishment of a broker business does not look profitable at all.
Price Markets proposal is a collaboration based on the White Label model. So far, this cooperation scheme looks the most interesting in terms of profitability when opening a Forex broker business.

Why White Label is the best solution to establish a broker company?


First of all, and it’s very important point – the client receives a ready-made technical infrastructure. NOVA-tech technology is a unique technology developed by Price Markets team.

A White Label broker under the Price Markets brand gets the opportunity to offer its clients really unique trading conditions:

  • The highest level of liquidity as a result of quotes aggregation from the largest number of suppliers;
  • The shortest execution time of orders executions when using the MetaTrader 4 terminal.

The use of NOVA-tech technology allows the broker to provide to its clients significantly more favorable trading conditions than the standard ones on the current market.

The second is the license for the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal. At the moment, the development and technical support of this software is over. However, technical support is still provided for companies that have licenses for this product.
Price Markets has several licenses for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, thus White Label broker should provide this service to its clients.
Third point – legal side of the business. Price Markets provides a full legal support for registering a broker company and its further operating.
The fourth point – all financial issues. Price Markets takes care of all financial issues that can arise with Your business. Deposits and withdrawals from your clients’ trading accounts are made via the Price Markets Banking account.
Your clients are offered only the Bank transfer method as a method of withdrawal-replenishment of the trading Deposit, as the most reliable and secure.
Our main target is to make Your business easy and profitable. If You are successful, we are too!