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Price Markets is a perfect solution to move forward

About PriceMarkets

At 2013 we decided to establish a company with main activities like: access to trading operations on the international currency markets, CFD trading, spread betting and all the scope of other related to the trading industry services. Today we are proud to take the leading position among the world liquidity providers.

Our current targets are:


Cooperate as liquidity and innovative trading tools provider with clients on the global market.


Hire and make part of our team the best trading educators.


Work strictly in the legal field and meet all the requirements of international financial regulators.


Provide exceptional, frankly speaking the best of the best working conditions to traders all over the world.

Price Markets White Label

  • Positive branded. Today Price Markets is already known and recognized as the leading liquidity provider.
  • Stable and quick trading platform, plus a number of mobile application – you can offer you clients all they really need.
  • The most important is the quickest time of trading orders execution and no any slippage.
  • Possibility to trade on behalf of Your clients.
  • The number of trading tools that meet requirements of any, even over-demanding traders.
  • Due to trading technology optimization we provide the fully automated possibility to check several market conditions at the same time.
  • Automated orders execution, no dealer’s involvement at all.
  • Reports customization, including profits and losses, spreads, splits and commissions.

Price Markets Grey Label

This particular solution was developed by our team specially to keep in place the existing brand name of our potential partners. It seems really useful in cases when clients network, would better say base already exists. But for example You found that Your clients started to leave due to unfavorable trading conditions. So, that’s the “time to move forward” – what’s we were taking at the beginning.

We put in place our technical infrastructure, your clients receive outstanding trading conditions, and You can focus at the marketing and operational activities.

Several key points of our gray label cooperation model:

  • We provide the full technical support of trading activities – best liquidity and orders execution timings, all the scope of trading tools and solutions;
  • Your clients even don’t know that Price Markets are in, they continue dealing with your brand;
  • You can set up spreads and commissions at your own when developing your clients funding;
  • We provide different platforms blueprints taking into account your market’s regional, cultural and linguistic aspects;
  • We move forward fast – such kind of integration can be reached in a few weeks.

Price Markets API

Being a broker You are not responsible only for your own funds. It’s a definitely different level. All your investors are behind You. And that’s the main reason to protect them, make a change and move forward together with Price Markets.

FIX API is a professional protocol of financial data transition. It’s secured and quick, and Price Markets did a big work to reach the less than one millisecond timing of trading orders execution when using the FIX API. Moreover, we provide you the possibility to keep in place the familiar MT4 terminal. It’s the same interface, but completely another technical operations inside it.

What is API for You and your clients:

  • Extremely quick trading orders execution timings;
  • Full slippage eliminating;
  • Familiar MetaTrader4 terminal in place;

Price Markets Back Office

If You still did not took a final decision “to move forward”, You can start your cooperation with Price Markets from the back office services.

After a little piece of our infrastructure will be put in place, you will reach a full access to several useful report forms generated automatically, like:

  • Corporate actions;
  • Trading day extras;
And for sure you should find interesting direct access to banking & non-banking liquidity and real time positions & margins monitor. Such kind of integration as well as possibility to use the API protocol is possible in terms of establishing of Price Markets back-office.

It’s time to move forward, as we already told. Let’s do it together!

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