NeroEx Technology

Minimize your orders processing time! Let us present You the NeroEx technology. Our clients reach the best trading conditions, due to a significant reduction of the processing time when trading orders. Use the MetaTrader 4 platform with minimal delays in order execution.

We conducted a lot of studies related to the shortening of trade delays. The main order execution delay is on the stage of its processing on the server. By optimizing the number of checks by plug-ins when processing a trading order, we’ve managed to significantly reduce the order processing time.

Typical values of delays on our servers are about 8-20ms. That corresponds to the same values when using the MetaTrader 5 terminal. Such short processing time delay became reachable due to the use of a plugin developed by our team. This plugin converts the format of a trading order from MT4 to the FIX API, and then transfers it to the liquidity provider for execution. Our solution allows you to trade using the FIX API directly from the MetaTrader 4 terminal.
NeroEx technology allows our clients use wide range of strategies when trading. Even if you use strategies that are extremely sensitive to the order execution time. NeroEx makes possible scalping and HFT through the MetaTrader 4 platform. In fact it provides to a professional trader the API trading capabilities.

In order to take care of clients with the best conditions, the broker should provide the opportunity to traders to operate with high liquidity tools. The currency market’s level of liquidity has an obvious advantage ahead of other financial markets by its highest level, which provides traders wide opportunities to use different trading strategies that are totally impossible to use when trading on other trading platforms. One of the hardest points when building the technical infrastructure of a broker is the need of liquidity aggregator implementation, because of its direct influence at the profitability of trading strategies used by the traders.

To reach the high level of liquidity when trading with different financial instruments offered to clients, it is necessary to organize the quotes from several liquidity providers. The request for execution of a trading order must be executed at the best price level, if it is a market price, and exactly match the amount set by the client in case of a limit order. To meet these requirements, the broker has to engage into agreements with the largest possible number of liquidity providers to broadcast concurrently their quotes. Equally important is the clients’ trading orders execution time, which depends on the effectiveness of the liquidity aggregator.

After years of researches and developments in the field of liquidity aggregators, we created the NeroEx technology.

When using this technology, our clients reach the best execution prices for all financial instruments offered. Aggregation of quotes from different liquidity providers grants to our clients the possibility to trade in conditions of almost zero spread. Thus, clients are able to safely use any (even risky) trading strategies, including those that are sensitive to the size of the spread, when trading financial instruments.
With NeroEx you can observe the significant reduction of order execution time when trading through the MetaTrader 4 terminal. A typical order execution time value provided by the broker when trading with MetaTrader 4 is about 300 ms. NeroEx technology reduce this time to 8-20 ms by optimizing the time spent on various checks, typical in aggregators of other companies (when it leads to the processing time of trading orders on the server side increase). At the same time, the client gets the opportunity to use the API-trading when trading with MetaTrader4. Aggregation of liquidity with NeroEx actually provides the possibility to trade using the FIX API in the familiar MetaTrader 4 terminal.