In MetaTrader4 you can see as many real time charts as you wish, all on one screen, for any currency pair, CFD, and for any time period. The following types of charts are available in MetaTrader4:

Line Chart

The chart’s x-axis is for the different time periods (minutes, hours, days, months etc.), and the y-axis is for the price. The point on the chart shows the close price for the period, i.e. the bid of the last quote for this period. All the sequential points are joined by lines:

MetaTrader (MT4) Line Charts

It is recommended that this chart type is used only for the short time periods (up to 5 minutes). In order to change the chart to a line chart, press the MetaTrader (MT4) Line Chart button on the Charts toolbar: 

MetaTrader (MT4) Charts Toolbar

Or press the Alt+3 key combination or use the Charts -> Line Chart menu sequence.

Bar Chart

The chart is created with the use of bars. Each bar has a high (top), a low (bottom), an opening price (left horizontal little line) and a closing price (right horizontal little line) for the specified period of time (for example, an hour): 

MetaTrader (MT4) Bar Charts

It is recommended that you use this chart type for periods of 5 minutes or more. In order to change the chart to a bar chart press the MetaTrader (MT4) Bar Chart button on the “Charts” toolbar.

Charts toolbar

Or press the Alt+1 key combination, or use the Charts -> Bar Chart menu sequence.


These charts are created in the same way as bar charts: 

MetaTrader (MT4) Candlestick Charts

MetaTrader (MT4) Candlestick

Candlesticks charts were very popular in the 80-90s because of their clear graphics. Candlesticks were originally created only for day charts which is why these days they are mostly used for a daily period. This method of technical analysis is based on the correlation between both closing and opening prices within the same trading day, and the closing price of the previous session and the opening price of the next session.

Candlesticks have different configurations compared to bar charts. The rectangular part of the candlestick line is called the real body. The thin vertical lines above and below the body are called shadows. They show lows and highs within a specified period of time. Depending on the closing and opening prices the real body can be white (empty) or black. When the body is white, the closing price is higher than the opening level. When the body is black, the closing price is lower than the opening level.

In order to change the chart to a bar chart press the MetaTrader (MT4) Candlestick Charts button on the “Charts” toolbar. Or press the Alt+1 key combination, or use the Charts -> Bar Chart menu sequence.

In MetaTrader4 both the bar and candle high is the highest Bid price for the defined period, the low is the lowest Bid price, the closing price is the last quoted Bid, the opening price is the first quoted Bid.

In order to create a new chart for any instrument right click on the “Market Watch” window, then select the Chart window item from the menu:

MetaTrader (MT4) Market Watch

By left clicking the mouse you can drag and drop any selected currency pair or CFD into any open chart window.

Chart period – the period displayed in one bar or candle. For example, if you create a 15 minute bar chart, then each bar will have the price data for the relevant 15 minutes. In MetaTrader4 the following time periods can be used: 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes (M1, M5, M15, M30 respectively), 1 hour (H1), 4 hours (H4), 1 day (D1), 1 week (W1) and 1 month (MN). In order to change a time period, use the “Periodicity” toolbar:

“Periodicity” toolbar

Right click anywhere on the chart to produce the context menu to get access to the chart settings:

MetaTrader (MT4) Charts Periodicity

Choose Periodicity and select a time period from the drop down menu or press the button on the “Charts” toolbar;

Select Refresh item if an error occurs or if there are so called “gaps” on the chart. All missing data will be uploaded from the server and will appear on the chart;

Select Grid if you wish to hide/unhide gridlines on the chart;

Select Volumes in order to show/hide tick volume (the number of quotes of any period time);

Zoom in / Zoom out will help you to modify chart measures. You can also use theMetaTrader (MT4) Chart Zoom Out MetaTrader (MT4) Chart Zoom buttons on the “Charts” toolbar or press the “+” and “-” buttons;

Save as picture… will save the chart as the *.gif, or *.bmp. file;

Properties… (or the F8 button) is the window where you can change chart settings or the charts color scheme by selecting the “Color” tab of any element on the chart:

MetaTrader (MT4) Chart Properties

Other settings can be changed in the Common tab:

MetaTrader (MT4) Chart Settings

Please note the following options:

Offline chart – the chart is not being updated by new quotes. Once you open the chart offline (File -> Open offline) this option becomes automatic;

Chart shift - allows to shift the chart from the right edge of the window. You can also press the MetaTrader (MT4) Chart Shift button on the “Charts” toolbar or use the Charts -> Chart shift menu sequence;

Chart autoscroll – disables/enables chart autoscroll to the left once a new quote is received. You can also press the MetaTrader (MT4) Chart Autoscroll button on the “Charts” toolbar or use the Charts -> Autoscroll menu sequence.

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