• Multi-bank Precious Metals liquidity.
  • Gold, Silver, Palladium and Platinum.
  • Screen-trading GUI and API trading.


Market **Typical Spread *Type Margin Requirements***


FX / CFD Trading CommissionsMT4 & Trader2018FIX APIPRIME / Institutions
Forex:3.5 USD per lot / per side20 USD per million USD tradedContact Us
CFD:25 bps per lot / per side25 bps per lot / per sideContact Us
CFD (Big):2.5 bps per lot / per side2.5 bps per lot / per sideContact Us

Included: Clearing, Execution, Platform, Standard API, Brokerage fees and Back-office charges where applicable.

Commission charge: per million (1,000,000) USD traded.
Traded Volume is calculated per Calendar Month.
* Spread may be more or less than the Typical Spread.
** Contact Us for information on all markets available.
*** Margin Requirements may change at any given time. They may vary.

Transaction costs may include:
Commissions + Spread + Swap charge or credit on each rollover. Based on: LIBOR/LIBID interest rates of the two traded currencies. Mark-up/Mark-down from 1%.