Symbol NameDescriptionDecimalsBase CurrencyLot SizeMin Lot VolumeMax Lot VolumeMin Lot Volume IncrementSwapSecurities GroupMarket
AUD/CADAustralian Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar5AUD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
AUD/CHFAustralian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc5AUD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
AUD/JPYAustralian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen3AUD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
AUD/NZDAustralian Dollar vs. New Zealand Dollar5AUD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
AUD/USDAustralian Dollar vs. US Dollar5AUD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
CAD/CHFCanadian Dollar vs. Swiss Franc5CAD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
CAD/JPYCanadian Dollar vs. Japanese Yen3CAD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
CHF/JPYSwiss Franc vs. Japanese Yen3CHF100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/AUDEuros vs. Australian Dollar5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/CADEuros vs. Canadian Dollar5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/CHFEuros vs. Swiss Franc5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/GBPEuros vs. British Pound5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/HKDEuros vs. Hong Kong Dollar5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/JPYEuros vs. Japanese Yen3EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/NZDEuros vs. New Zealand Dollar5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/SEKEuros vs. Swedish Kronor5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/TRYEuros vs. Turkish Lira5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
EUR/USDEuros vs. US Dollar5EUR100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/AUDBritish Pound vs. Australian Dollar5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/CADBritish Pound vs. Canadian Dollar5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/CHFBritish Pound vs. Swiss Franc5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/JPYBritish Pound vs. Japanese Yen3GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/NZDBritish Pound vs. New Zealand Dollar5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/SGDBritish Pound vs Singapore Dollar5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
GBP/USDBritish Pound vs. US Dollar5GBP100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
NZD/CADNew Zealand Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar5NZD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
NZD/CHFNew Zealand Dollar vs. Swiss Francs5NZD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
NZD/JPYNew Zealand Dollar vs. Japanese Yen3NZD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
NZD/USDNew Zealand Dollar vs. US Dollar5NZD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/CADUS Dollar vs. Canadian Dollar5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/CHFUS Dollar vs. Swiss Franc5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/CNHUS Dollar vs. China Offshore Spot5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/DKKUS Dollar vs. Danish Kroner5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/HKDUS Dollar vs. Hong Kong Dollar5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/JPYUS Dollar vs. Japanese Yen3USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/MXNUS Dollar vs. Mexican Peso5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/NOKUS Dollar vs. Norwegian Kroner5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/SEKUS Dollar vs. Swedish Kroner5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/SGDUS Dollar vs. Singaporean Dollar5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/TRYUS Dollar vs. Turkish Lira5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
USD/ZARUS Dollar vs. South African Rand5USD100,0000.01400.01YesForexFX ECN
AUS200Australia 200 Index2AUD1000.01500.01YesCFDIndex CFD
ESP35Spain 35 Index2EUR1000.01500.01YesCFDIndex CFD
FRA40France 40 Index2EUR1000.01500.01YesCFDIndex CFD
GER30Germany 30 Index2EUR1000.01300.01YesCFDIndex CFD
HKG33Hong Kong 33 Index2HKD1000.01300.01YesCFDIndex CFD
JPN225Japan 225 Index2JPY1,0000.01100.01YesCFDIndex CFD
NAS100US Tech 100 Index2USD1000.01500.01YesCFDIndex CFD
SPX500US 500 Index2USD500.021000.02YesCFD (Big)Index CFD
UK100UK 100 Index2GBP1000.01400.01YesCFDIndex CFD
US30US 30 Index2USD1000.01400.01YesCFDIndex CFD
EUSTX50Euro 50 Index2EUR1000.01500.01YesCFDIndex CFD
USOilUS Oil Contract3USD1000.01500.01NoCFD (Big)Commodity CFD
UKOilUK Oil Contract3USD1000.01500.01NoCFD (Big)Commodity CFD
NGASNatural Gas (Henry)4USD1000.0110.01NoCFD (Big)Commodity CFD
BundBund Contract3EUR1000.0150.01NoCFD (Big)Treasury CFD
CopperCopper4USD1000.0150.01NoCFD (Big)Commodity CFD
XAU/USDGold vs. US Dollar2USD1000.011000.01YesForexCommodity CFD
XAG/USDSilver vs. US Dollar3USD5,0000.01200.01YesForexCommodity CFD

FX / CFD Trading CommissionsMT4 & Trader2018FIX APIPRIME / Institutions
Forex:3.5 USD per lot / per side20 USD per million USD tradedContact Us
CFD:25 bps per lot / per side25 bps per lot / per sideContact Us
CFD (Big):2.5 bps per lot / per side2.5 bps per lot / per sideContact Us

  • Inactive Accounts Fee: 50 USD per calendar month
    (incurred for accounts without any trading activity during a calendar month).
  • Bank Wire Fees (outside UK):
    20 USD for amounts below 2,000 USD
    50 USD for urgent transfers (express)
    0 USD for amounts above 2,000 USD
  • API Connection: 2,500 USD for 2 sets of credentials (Real-Time Market Data and Order session) per calendar month.
    Accounts with trading volume above 250 million USD or equivalent will not incur any API Connection charges.
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