Professional approach to data transition

FIX API is FIX Protocol standard designed for real-time, custom institutional interface which pushes up to 250 price updates per second (not available on other APIs). It is our fastest and most popular option. You will get a full range of trading order types available at Price Markets. A Trading Station account with a $50,000 minimum balance is required. The FIX API Protocol is only available to professional clients.

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API Trading

FIX API – is a professional protocol used for transition of financial data. Outstanding operational speed when using the FIX API allows to place orders in less than a few milliseconds.

  • We provide a simultaneous access to all the scope of our data – You reach the best possible liquidity levels for currencies, CFD contracts, assets and treasuries via FIX API;
  • Our algorithms, based on the FIX API, offer to traders very quick time of orders execution, thus you will be always on time, and never late

Key liquidity

We work with more than 50 of the TOP worldwide liquidity providers (international financial organisations, exchanges etc.). So, we grant traders access to live-streaming levels of liquidity for all available tools — currencies, CFD contracts — to everything that can be converted into potentially profitable deals.

It means that via FIX API our clients can operate with data from all-over the world in an ultra-quick way, and that’s one of their key points of an optimal trading experience. We call all of you to take this advantage — it’s time for a seamless trading experience!
Trading CFDs may lead to a loss of your invested capital.

Discover the world of algorithmic trading with NeroEx

Especially for those traders, who prefer to deal using algorithmic approach, we present our revolutionary & unique solution – NeroEX.

Thanks to NeroEX, your trades will be processed in milliseconds after the signal is received. It also allows to significantly improve the signals’ strength.

Even for robots and advisors who perform a large number of transactions, previously expected server’s traffic-jams are no more a problem. NeroEx reduces the servers calling rate and excludes the slippage factor influence. Faster processing – less issues to think about – seamless trading.

Obvious pre-eminences of automated dealing granted by Price Markets

  • Top liquidity level = one of the best prices for each deal;
  • Our best orders execution timing = slippage will not be a thing;
  • Correct pricing = correct entrances and exits into the trades;
  • Financial data got from different sources = instant checks of several conditions matching.
  • Automated trades = impact of human mistakes (when deals are placed manually), which could arise from emotions and mental health is totally excluded.

And for sure you have to take into account the global reduction of transaction costs and possibility to perform all-round testing before the new algorithm live-launch.