Everything 24/7.

Our network is supported 24/7 locally in London, New York, Chicago and online by some of the brightest engineers from ultra-low latency industries.

Speed of Light.

Powered by a mesh of 1-10Gbps fibre and micro/milliwave connections to multiple Tier-1 providers across numerous global points of presence.

Take it for a Ride.

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Our servers are delivered cross-connected and ready. As customised or straight-forward as you want it to be.


from $ 50

Per Month
  • NY4. LD4.
  • 1-8 vCPU
  • Up to 16GB Ram
  • Up to 1TB SSD Hard Drive
  • Windows Server 2012/2008
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Custom Cloud

from $ 245

Per Month
  • NY2/NY4. CH1/CH4. LD4/LD5.
  • 2-12 vCPU
    Overclocked E5-2640 v3/E5-2687W v3
  • 8-92GB RAM
  • 200GB-4TB LSI 6/12Gbps RAID-10
  • Windows Server 2012/2008/Linux
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ResearchBare Metal Server

$ 895

Per Month
  • NY4. CH1. LD4.
  • 1x 5960X Low Latency i7 8-Core
  • 64GB DDR4 2800Mhz Unbuffered
  • 256GB SSD
  • 2 x 1Gbps NIC
  • Custom Linux or Windows Server
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EnterpriseBare Metal Server

$ 2,000

Per Month
  • NY4/5. CH1/4. LD4/5.
  • 2x E5-2687W v3
  • 128GB DDR4 2133Mhz ECC
  • 4TB SSD LSI 12Gbps Raid-10
  • Custom Linux or Windows Server
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