MetaTrader 5 by MetaQuotes

The benchmark of efficiency chosen by millions of traders

Price Markets creates an environment that allows you to achieve the best results. Now, we’re ready to confirm the switch to Meta Trader 5. The new platform now is highly popular among all the successful traders, and there’s a bunch of reasons for it.

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MT5 is understandable and user-friendly to all

It is used for:

  • Conducting trading operations;
  • Making of technical and fundamental analysis.

It works without the participation of a trader (trading robots and trading signals are used) and is implemented in a multi-platform form for personal computers and mobile devices, including desktop/mobile applications and a web version.

The new platform will replace Meta Trader 4.

Why should you trade with us using the Meta Trader 5 Platform?

We do everything to ensure that the user experience of each client is multifaceted and effective. In addition to the benefits of MT5, we guarantee:

  • Order execution in less than 1 ms using our new NeroEx system;
  • Leadership in providing clients with a liquidity stock with great opportunities for Forex trading using it (we trade real stock, since Meta Trader 5 supports the Depth of Market).

How does MT5 differ from MT4?

There are several objective reasons why we chose the new platform:

  • MQL5: a programming language that allows you to create your technical indicators for any need. It is easy to learn and allows the user to go beyond the built-in analytical tools of the platform. Externally created trading robots can provide very accurate market analysis.
  • Meta Trader 5 has advanced order management options, including the order execution using multiple trades.
  • MT5 provides data on the real volume of contracts or lots that have been sold. MT4 provided only tick volume data.
  • In MT5, you can download and view the tick history from your broker. MT4 only allows this manually, and the process is inconvenient.

And this is not the whole list of new things. You can discover and try it all right now with MT5 & Price Markets.

Choose Meta Trader Platform 5: a product of a new generation of convenience and efficiency!