Spectrum back office system (Financial Software Systems) is licensed by various global banks, financial institutions and brokers world wide and provides Price Markets with a state of the art scalable solution, enabling us to meet any clients needs whether it is real time position keeping and margin management or audit reports for yearly accounting.

Highlights include:

  • Real time deal capture from all Price Markets ECN trading platforms.
  • Web based interface accessible from any PC globally without the need for installation.
  • Real-time mark to market position management and margin calculation.
  • Fully customizable reports emailed daily in CSV, XLS or other formats.
  • Automated netting or swap transactions for overnight positions.
  • Totally bespoke commission structures possible to accommodate all industry standard IB formats.
  • Supports multiple currency balances for complete portfolio management.


Clients can easily access both daily and monthly statements available shortly after the end of each day.

Statements cover:

  • Collateral held
  • Currency breakdown of collateral
  • Margin requirements and utilization
  • Open positions
  • Mark to market P&L
  • Done trades
  • Cash entries
  • Commissions


All clients receive access to the Spectrum Web Portal which provides them with real-time position keeping and mark to market balances and margin requirements. Upon trade execution, positions are instantly updated to provide real-time data to all traders across a network. Access can be given to multiple persons allowing risk managers and treasures non trading access to the reporting they require.


Price Markets can deliver real-time STP of trade confirmations to a client’s own risk management and back-office systems using the following methods:

  • FIX drop copy
  • Logicscope Trade STP
  • Traiana Harmony network


At the click of the mouse, our reporting services provide users with comprehensive records of trades completed, analysis of trading patterns and the ability to demonstrate to management and auditors that trades executed conform to management, regulatory and fiduciary guidelines.

  • Access important transaction information readily, including trade activity reports, counterparty activity reports and settlement details.
  • Add user-definable fields to each trade record in order to document information for supporting FAS 133 or other reporting purposes.
  • Achieve more effective, internal tracking and intelligence and facilitates integration with Treasury Management System vendors.
  • Counterparty activity reports offer a number of key metrics to assist sell-side and buy-side users assess and analyze trading patterns and volume with their counterparts.
  • Price takers can access an audit report showing the quotes received for each completed trade, along with estimated savings per trade and per period of time.


Price Markets back office can provide a multitude of customizable reports to meet each client’s specific needs. Reports can be generated in HTML, CSV or PDF formats and delivered to clients via email or FTP servers. Delivery of the required reports can be encrypted using PGP encryption upon request from a client. Reporting frequency can be defined by minutes, hours or daily.

Included in the custom reports are reports for trade confirmations, account balances, statement or margin requirements. Our back office allows for a high level of customization and filtration of reports greatly reducing the amount of integration work required from our clients.